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4–4 Property Tax Calculations and Journal Entries. The Village of Darby’s budget calls for property tax revenues for the fiscal year ending December 31, 2011, of $2,660,000. Village records indicate that, on average, 2 percent of taxes levied are not collected. The county tax assessor has assessed the value of taxable property located in the village at $135,714,300. Required a. Provide the required adjusting entries at the end of 2011, assuming that the December 31, 2011, balance of Inventory of Supplies has been confirmed by physical count. Make entries in the general journals of both the General Fund (omitting subsidiary detail) and governmental activities at the government-wide level. b. Assume that the General Fund uses the…show more content…
The budget for FY 2011 provided for General Fund estimated revenues totaling $3,140,000 and appropriations totaling $3,100,000. 2. The city council authorized temporary borrowing of $300,000 in the form of a 120-day tax anticipation note. The loan was obtained from a local bank at a discount of 6 percent per annum (debit Expenditures for discount). 3. The property tax levy for FY 2011 was recorded. Net assessed valuation of taxable property for the year was $43,000,000, and the tax rate was $5 per $100. It was estimated that 4 percent of the levy would be uncollectible. 4. Purchase orders and contracts were issued to vendors and others in the amount of $2,059,000. 5. The County Board of Review discovered unassessed properties with a total taxable value of $500,000. The owners of these properties were charged with taxes at the city’s General Fund rate of $5 per $100 assessed value. (You need not adjust the Estimated Uncollectible Current Taxes

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