Acceleration by Graham McNamee Essay

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Acceleration by Graham McNamee

* Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne are all friends working - or wasting time - the summer before senior year in high school. Duncan is the soul, Vinny the brains, and Wayne the muscle. At the end of the previous summer, Duncan tried to save a drowning girl and failed. Not being a hero has really affected his life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Kim. Also, he is now terrified of swimming, especially when the nightmares come back. Duncan's summer job is with the public transit lost and found. While trying to make the hours go faster, Duncan looks through the items, especially the books and golf clubs. One day he discovers an unmarked journal with no name, which depicts sadistic animal torture …show more content…

At work he discovered some serial killer's diary who was slowly accelerating from smaller crimes to bigger crimes. He finds out that the serial killer has been stalking three women and is after to kill them. At first he didn't care what the serial killer wanted to do and so he decided to hand in the journal to the police, but seeing the disinterest that the cops showed him, he realized that he is playing with the life of someone and that the life of that victim is in hands, he decides to put a stop on it. He becomes responsible of his actions and understands the realities of the life. Also after working in lost and found department he became more mature and understood that the life is just not about having fun and do whatever you want, to get a good career a person have to work hard and follow the proper disciplines in the life.

3. How did author create suspense?

* The author creates suspense by starting with the slow beginning and then making the story faster and more attention-grabbing. The author cleverly manipulates readers sense of disbelief by eliminating the possibility of police help or parental understanding. The author reveals the serial killer to the reader at the end of the story. By that time Duncan keeps searching him. Author slowly reveals the clues out of the lost journal of serial killer to make readers focus in the story. Also with the slowly

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