Acceleration by Graham Mcnamee Essay

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1. Write the summary of the book that you read.

* Duncan, Vinny, and Wayne are all friends working - or wasting time - the summer before senior year in high school. Duncan is the soul, Vinny the brains, and Wayne the muscle. At the end of the previous summer, Duncan tried to save a drowning girl and failed. Not being a hero has really affected his life, particularly his relationship with his girlfriend Kim. Also, he is now terrified of swimming, especially when the nightmares come back. Duncan's summer job is with the public transit lost and found. While trying to make the hours go faster, Duncan looks through the items, especially the books and golf clubs. One day he discovers an unmarked journal with no name, which depicts sadistic …show more content…

His conscience also doesn't spare him when he does anything wrong. Two years ago when he was unsuccessful in saving a drowning girl, it haunts him. His conscience bites him that he could have saved one life. This shows that Duncan is a nice person and is willing to save anyone. Also Duncan is very caring about her girlfriend and takes care and watches out for her. Also when he found out about the serial killer, he was determined to save the targets that he was planning to kill. He

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