Access Restrictions. Darryl E. Gennie. Dr. Jodine Burchell

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Access Restrictions
Darryl E. Gennie
Dr. Jodine Burchell
CIS 560
21 January 2017
Strayer University

Restricting access to sensitive information plays a vital role in the success of any organization. Information is deemed sensitive when it needs protection from unauthorized access. Protecting this information is essential in safeguarding security and privacy of an organization. Thus, an organization such as Bank of America has taken measures geared towards protecting its sensitive information from unauthorized access. Just like other organizations, Bank of America has two types of sensitive information. The first type of sensitive information is personal information. This is data that may affect an individual if …show more content…

Accessing this information by competitors could pose the bank to the risk of closing down. The third case where the no access level could be applied in this business is customers and other third parties having access to computer passwords. Having access to this information is a potential threat to the bank because this can enable them in accessing crucial information about the bank. In some instances, some customers could log into the bank’s system and credit their accounts with huge sums of money. This will plunge the bank into huge losses that could lead to its closure. Furthermore, the bank can warn customers against sharing bank account information with other people. In case the credit card of a customer gets lost, the customer will be at risk of losing his or her money if a person who knows details of the card gets access to it. The fourth case where the bank could use the no access level to its sensitive information is when it is ensuring security for its networks. When unauthorized users have access to the bank’s networks, it is at risk of having its system hacked. Essentially, hacking the bank’s system could lead to the closure of the bank because it will lead to massive loss of data (Akin, 2011). For instance, losing account details of customers means that customers cannot have access to their money which could

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