According To Our Text, Political Science Is A Systematic

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According to our text, Political Science is a systematic study of government and politics, the research that is produced helps to guide our presentation of the judiciary. The courts are separate and distinct from the executive and legislative branches the principle players have law degrees, use language that is different than ordinary English, and follow formal procedures in court. The courts are interconnected with the Constitution, politics, the president, interest groups, federalism, elections, the media, political parties, and public opinion (Meinhold, 2013).
The most power symbol of the American Government is the Constitution. The Constitution grants the judiciary considerable respect especially when it comes to the Supreme Court.
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Nominations made to appoint judges to the bench not only change present decisions, but influence the future. This is not just for the federal court system, local and state officials use the courts to as well to change policies to their advantage (Meinhold, 2013).
The Legislature Branch includes Congress, the Senate, and the House of Representatives was established by Article I of the Constitution. The Legislature Branch actually passes the laws which create an institutional balance in our government this often causes conflict between the legislature and the courts who have to enforce those laws. Passing the laws, sometimes done with unintended consequences for the courts, examples include strict sentencing guidelines and the war on drugs (Meinhold, 2013).
Election disputes have also come into the courts to resolve. Bush v. Gore (2000), was the first time the court actually chose the president in our nation’s history. Candidates that lose by a narrow margin often turn to the courts with allegations of voter fraud or irregularities in the election. Elections will affect the judiciary and the judiciary sometimes decide the election results. Judges are elected by voters in many jurisdictions (Meinhold, 2013).
Judgeships are an important source of patronage valued by both political parties. The Republic party nominate judges that are more conservative to show support to their party. The Democrats
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