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  • The Adversary Judge By Frankel

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    In “The Adversary Judge” Frankel explains how realities of the trial create a “role conflict” between the ideally constructed impartial judge and the realistic adversary judge (Frankel, 1976). Throughout their day people play many roles, these roles are based on the expectations of the people around them and the personality of the person (Frankel, 1976). In particular, judges are expected to play the role of neutrality, intelligence, and patience. Their role is thought to be similar of an “umpire”

  • Speech On Becoming A Judge

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    Becoming a Judge Have you ever thought about becoming a judge? There are many reasons why becoming a judge is a great idea, reasons such as helping communities by taking bad people off the street and make people in that area feel safe about being home and having fun in their neighborhood or community. Although the judges we have now does not do the best they could at making decisions in court, instead they take the innocent people instead of the guilty people, which makes the guilty people get away

  • The Election Of Judges And Legislatures

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    Judges and legislators are elected the same way, through partisan elections. They as Democrats and Republicans and are elected by the public, or popular vote- an act of voting by the electorate of a country or area. Like almost everything in the world, there are advantages and disadvantages to the choices we make, and the same goes for who we elect as judges. One of the advantages of electing judges, especially being voted by the public, is that they make decisions that accommodate to the people

  • The Best Kind Of Judge

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    four qualities that belong to a judge and those were to hear courteously, answer wisely, consider soberly, and to decide impartially. The highest legal court, the Supreme Court has nine justices sworn to always provide the people who come before them with good governance and equal justice under law. The best kind of judge is a qualified and qualitative judge who renders to its community to sharpen a nation despite the complexity of the court’s procedures. A judge who reaches their policy conclusions

  • Judge Samuels Courtroom

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    I went to go check in the juror assembly room to check for trials, they only knew of one later on in the criminal court. I went to Judge Samuels courtroom because that is where the trial was going to occur later in the day. When I arrived Judge Samuels was doing arraignments which, I found out were very common in the criminal courts. She would give the defendants who had DUI’s options between time in county jail or community service. One of the cases that stood out was a defendant who needed psych

  • Judge Selection Process

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    The current president of The United States appoints the federal court system selection process for judges, and official, offices are decided by the senate (Gaines & Miller, 2012). Contrary to the federal judge selection process, they both assert that the state selection processes varies by different forms such as: appointment by the governor then validated by higher chambers of the particular states’ legislation, partisan or nonpartisan elections, or even utilizing The Missouri Plan of the integration

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Judges

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    When judges are spoken of as a group, they are referred to as the judiciary. There are many different levels of judges, but the basic function is the same at all levels: judges are there to adjudicate on disputes in a fair, unbiased way, applying the legal rules of England and Wales. There is no clear-cut division between civil and criminal judges, as many judges at the various levels are required to sit for both types of case. This in itself causes problem as, before their appointment, most judges

  • Summary: Judge Tuttle

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    sense of Judge Tuttle’s personality and her nature in the courtroom. While the Honorable Judge Tuttle did have everything under control and organized in her courtroom, she was a very easy-going counselor. She let us know that the jurors were just finishing up their donuts that the court had provided them and ask us if that was okay with us despite the case already being delayed. She had a very nonchalant approach to her. Looking back in comparison to the interview I conducted with Judge Tuttle it

  • Key Qualities Of A Judge

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    Becoming a judge is a very fulfilling and rewarding career path. With a great salary and many benefits, a judge is a great job to have. The role of a judge is to interpret the law, evaluate the evidence given, and are one of the most important decision- makers in a courtroom. Judges have to accomplish many tasks like researching legal issues, evaluating records, motions, and applications, listen to and evaluate two sides of an argument, decides whether or not the procedure is being carried out according

  • Judges Must Make Law

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    unrestricted legislative power, and the laws it passes cannot be set aside by the courts. The role of judges, in relation to laws enacted by Parliament, is to interpret and apply them, rather than to pass judgment on whether they are good or bad laws. However, evidence has shown that they have a tendency to deviate from their ‘real roles’ and instead formulate laws on their own terms. Thus the real role of a judge in any legal system continues to be a phenomenon questioned by many. We must consider whether