According To The United States Census Bureau, The United

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According to The United States Census Bureau, the United States population accounts for less than 5 percent of the world population. The United States, however, houses more than 20% of the world inmate population. From 1978 to 2014, there has been a sharp increase of the inmate population to the tune of over 400% - an alarming number that is not likely to decrease anytime soon (ACLU, n.d.). The United States government has placed tougher sanctions and punishments on criminals since the late 1970s, which has led to this massive growth in prison population, but are these harsh methods effective? Instead of a place for rehabilitation, prison is a breeding ground for criminal enterprises. Serious issues such as sexual assault, drugs abuse, …show more content…

Donald Hutcherson, an Ohio sociologist put this into a financial prospective in one of his researches by comparing illegal earnings of ex-convicts and those without prior conviction. Hutcherson finds that the former earns an average of $1,070 in illegal income while the latter only manages $120 (Barnes, 2013). The higher earning average after a stint behind bar is a good indicator of how prison can help broaden criminal network and knowledge for some of these convicts.
One of the most heinous crimes in the prison system is sex offense – rapist and child molester are placed in the bottom of the prison hierarchy. Prison life for sex offender, especially pedophiles can be hellish. Margot Bach, a spokeswoman for California Department of Corrections said "Taking [a pedophile] out would gain [the killer] a lot more respect among the other inmates" (James, 2003). The housing situation for sex offenders can be quite precarious. Inmate housing managers usually consult caseworkers to make an arrangement for a sex offender to stay in a sex offender-only housing unit for a purpose of treatment and education. One of the benefits of this living arrangement is for inmate safety since sex offenders are often subjected to ridicule, physical altercation, and sexual victimization. If the case is severe enough to be presented in the news media, a particular inmate will be placed in a protective custody unit – so called “PC up” to avoid physical abuse or even death.

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