The United States Prison System Essay

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Within this paper, you will find a comprehensive review of the United States prison system, and why it needs to analyzed to better support and reform the people of this country. I plan to persuade the other side (politicians and society) into seeing that the way the prison system is now, is not ethical nor economical and it must change. We have one of the world’s largest prison population, but also a very high rate of recidivism. Recidivism is when the prisoners continuously return to prison without being reformed. They return for the same things that they were doing before. So, this leads us to ask what exactly are we doing wrong? When this happens, we as a nation must continuously pay to house and feed these inmates. The purpose of a prison needs to be examined so we can decide if we really are reforming our inmates, or just continuing a vicious cycle. What is the true purpose of prison besides just holding them in a cell? There must be more we can do for these hopeless members of society. The Prison System in the United States: Is it ethical? As of 2016, the United States has one of the highest prison populations of men in women in state, federal, private penitentiaries in the world. Not only is it the highest, but it is a constant revolving door for those who do their time, but continue to come back into the system for either short term or long term sentences. This trend has been continuous for many years and nothing has changed. Yes, some states have tried to
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