Accounting And Its Impact On Business Success

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Introduction Accounting is not an end in itself but a means to help achieve business success. Thus, there is no such thing as good accounting practices or bad accounting practice as such. Technical accounting systems should be judged in the light of its impact on business success. Accounting systems and specific techniques should be considered in terms of the role they are expected to play. A concept ROI analysis may have little interest in the performance evaluation of middle managers in situations where investment decisions are made at the centre. However, this concept can be both crucial to assess the attractiveness of different strategic investment options. Accounting analysis is not useful for some purposes can be useful to others. Knowledge of management accounting Work implies knowledge of the multiple roles of information can play book. In assessing the financial accounting system for a company, mutual coherence between the different elements is critical. The key question is whether the overall fit of the strategy is appropriate. This assignment represents a new emphasis in managerial accounting. It is According to the premise that managerial accounting must explicitly consider strategic issues and concerns. The discussion will focus the notion that modern management accounting tools and technology are just ‘old wine in new bottles’. Discussion Johnson and Kaplan (1987) found that management accounting systems changed to encourage and evaluate the proficiency of
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