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Achebe’s Defense of The Ibo People in Things Fall Apart
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The late Chinua Achebe is considered to be one of the most important voices in African literature. Born in colonial Nigeria in the 1930’s, Achebe joined the first wave of African writers who were determined to represent their country in a way that would truthfully depict the past and present. Before the arrival of the first wave writers, the history of pre-colonial Africa was portrayed as a place of barbarous activity. European novelists such as Joseph Conrad only added to this impression in his dehumanizing book, The Heart of Darkness. Conrad depicted Africa as the antithesis of civilization. In 1958, Achebe published Things Fall Apart as a response to the negative …show more content…

Each type of orature not only preserved the past for the Ibo people it was also their way of educating the young. The belief that African’s were uneducated before the entrance of the Colonial era was another myth that needed to be resolved. Their way of education through the use of orature was a practice that wholly fulfilled the needs of those who lived in the village. It was the arrival of Colonial power that changed the definition of what “true” education really was. Of course, Achebe saw the arrival of Western education as a positive thing. It would enable his people to eventually take control of their country again. He echoed this thinking when the missionary, Mr. Brown who came to live with the Ibo people, “begged and argued and prophesized. He said that the leaders of the land in the future would be men and women who had learned to read and write. If Umuofia failed to send her children to school, strangers would come from other places to rule them”(Things Fall Apart 181). Achebe was one of those “future men” which he wrote about. It was because of his Western education that he was able to write Things Fall Apart, which was written to “to help my society regain belief in itself and put away the complexes of the years of degradation and self-abasement”(Morning Yet On Creation Day 71).
The second topic that Achebe highlighted in Things Fall Apart was the Ibo’s style of

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