What Is The Use Of Irony In Things Fall Apart

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It was easier for people to look at Africans as creatures with “Iron Collars” and “Grotesque mask” which is why Chinua Achebe wrote “Things Fall Apart” which was set during the late 1800s to early 1900s when British were expanding their influence in Africa in order to display the true idyllic beauty of the African people. In “Things Fall Apart”, Achebe uses irony to reflect the importance of customs and traditions through Obierika. Achebe uses an esprit tone to explain the “Flaws” others misinterpreted about the Igbo community. Achebe disliked how Europeans depicted Africans as “passionate instinctive savages”, so he refutes those depictions to give a viewpoint from the inside, the colonized and not the colonizer.

The Igbo people along with other African tribes were not …show more content…

Obierika and his family are celebrating for his daughter’s Uri, a day that was celebrated after the bride-price suitor paid off his bride-price. “When the women retired, Obierika presented kola nuts to his in-laws. His eldest brother broke the first one. “Life to all of our,” he said as he broke it. “And let there be friendship between your family and ours” (Achebe 117.) The ceremony itself represents an important celebration for the fathers who give their daughter’s away and gain respectable family of their status out it. The kola nut serves as symbol reflecting how Igbo welcome guest into their home and it is a powerful symbol of a mutual respect and community. Africans, Igbo community in particular show great signs of respect and grace and to one another and strangers. In this, Achebe uses Obierika ceremony for his daughter to display the positive characteristics of the Igbo community. They have the belief in giving their daughter’s away just in a different way but not so different. In other cultures father’s give their

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