Achieving Healthful Digital Diet

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According to the article “Achieving a Healthful Digital Diet”, parents should balance the limitation of using digital devices for their kids. An expert suggested that parents should not provide children with screens to quiet them up. The article says that, the digital use for children is basically used for entertainment. There should be a balanced diet for the young people between entertainment use and educational use. It is also important to limit multitasking while studying. Multitasking is not helpful at all, because it prevents young people from being focused. Finally, one expert suggests that young kids shouldn’t be given smartphones just to keep them quiet, and even elder ones should just be given simple phones. The most…show more content…
An email or a text message can cause a block in my brain that doesn’t let me focus. Sometimes when I am reading and I receive an email, I have to go back and read the chapter from beginning because I lose attention. Therefore, I feel the article is correct that there should be a limit on multitasking while studying. In addition, many people nowadays find it helpful to listen to music while reading or doing homework because it can relax the brain. Although, they might find it helpful, I completely do not agree that this is helpful for the brain. Multitasking can cause the brain to overload. Kids should challenge themselves to stay away from multitasking. One example is my cousin who loves to read while listening to music. Before he went to eleventh grade in high school, he had a simple phone. When he went to eleventh grade his parents bought him an iPhone for his birthday. From then on he started listening to music with headsets while reading or doing homework at home. He didn’t notice that the music was preventing him staying focused. When the grading period ended his parents noticed that his grades dropped drastically. Soon enough his parents took away his phone and he started doing well in school again. This is also shown in the article that multitasking is not helpful at all. In conclusion, electronic devices used for entertainment should be limited in today’s society. People should start to have a diet in their digital technology use.

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