Achilles A Hero In The Iliad

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Achilles is often referred as one of the greatest heros in Homeric culture
It is easy to think that when he is (basically) invincible, you can't confuse unrestrained power with heroism
Even though he is powerful and possesses skills on the battlefield second to none, he fails to be a hero because of his barbaric nature, absence of self control, and his dishonorable actions
Although he has a great sense of courage and bravery, he lacks vital characteristics of a hero, restraint and righteousness
His rage killed countless greeks and trojans and almost decimated the fleet of greeks all because he is incapable of dealing with defeat or humiliation
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The Iliad starts off with Achilles enraged as the potential victory in the
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If he would have acted, he would have been able to save Patroclus’ live and countless other Greek soldiers instead of criticizing himself for being a total fucknut
When Achilles killed hector in book XXII it is not carried out in noble fashion for righteousness, you can tell this by Achilles disrespectful tone towards fatally wounded Hector in his speech: “Don't whine to me about my parents, you dog! I wish my stomach would let me cut off your flesh in strips and eat it raw for what you have done to me...No dogs and birds will eat every last scrap.”(22.383-393)
He is addicted to the feeling of glory
He treats people in two ways, as pawns to get what he wants. Or as enemies.
In the public eye Achilles is seen as a hero, but if everyone was like him would we live in a world of peace and sustainability that is free from strife and violence? The answer is no, Achilles is a failed hero who acts childish and doesn't realize that his actions cause untold suffering and death.
Maybe Homer didn't mean for Achilles to be someone we should aspire to be like. Rather, Achilles is meant to be an example of what we might turn into if we give into our frustrations about living in a world where your actions mean nothing if you don't please the
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