Achilles Research Paper

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Candida Holder Engl 2111 Dr. Holloway Writing assignment 1 24 February 2017 “A hero does what’s right. ” A statement that is accepted throughout basically every culture in human history. Would a hero do something wrong? How would their culture determine whether its “right”? Rama and Achilles do what is right in their cultures. Letting their people see both Rama and Achilles as heroes who do what’s right. Achilles, in ancient Greece, did the right thing by being individualistic and questioning authority. But Rama, in ancient India, did the right thing by listening to authority and being concerned with dharma. Many different attributions must be considered to determine what is “right”. One important reason would be their reasoning for fighting their own personal wars and enemies. Achilles goes after Hector after his best friend Patroclus is murdered by Hector. This is similar to the reason why Rama goes after Ravana. Rama goes after Ravana because Rama steals Rama’s wife Sita. Both enemies go after their enemy because something they did to their loved one. However this is where their similarities stop. In order to understand why each hero goes after their enemy you must analyze their reasoning that led to both events. Sita got stolen from Rama as an indirect result of Rama accepting his father’s wishes. Rama replies to his father’s commands for him to be exiled into the forest for …show more content…

It is a simple matter of aesthetics. It has nothing to do with one culture being right with their ideology of what makes someone a hero and the other being wrong. The world is vastly diverse in terms of people, land, and ideology. It would be unfair to claim that either Rama or Achilles did not do the "right thing." To do so would be wrong because everyone has a different idea of what the right thing is, and. everyone has a different idea of what the qualifications are for being a

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