Essay on Achilles and the Trojan War

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Many people have heard of Achilles, whether in Greek Mythology or when referring to the tendon in their foot. He is well known in the Iliad as the main force for the Achaeans in the Trojan War, dubbed the “swiftest warrior,” “Achilles dear to Zeus”, and “brilliant runner.” However many do not know the story of Achilles when he walks away from the Achaean campaign over a scuffle of war prizes. His action cripples the Achaean army, costing the lives of many. The story of the Trojan War is one where Achilles ultimately leads the Achaeans to Troy and kills Hector outside Priam’s walls. However, it was Patroclus, Achilles’ brother-in-arms, who should be accredited with the Achaean victories and know for his success against the Trojans in the …show more content…

The Trojan men’s kelios (honor and reputation) would be highly boosted if they were the one to slay great Achilles, dear to Zeus. Despite knowing that the armor would put a bullseye on his head, Patroclus implores Achilles to give Achilles’ fine armor as Patroclus cares more about the greater picture of the war rather than his own selfish desires. Welding Achilles’ armor, Patroclus successfully repels the wave of Trojan warriors back to the trenches of Troy. The Trojans are taken back when they see the reappearance of “Achilles” and retreat from the battleground, trapping and exposing themselves. “Each Trojan soldier glancing left and right – how could he run from sudden, plunging death?” (Iliad Book 16 Lines 332-333). This allows Patroclus to continue forward to the walls of Troy and slaying every Trojan he encounters along the way. He and his men appeared to be able to seize Troy at that very moment, had it not been for Apollo’s intervention. Apollo prevented Patroclus from progressing any further and urged Hector to drive forward. Together, Hector and Apollo kill Patroclus. Patroclus’ death drives Achilles to seek revenge and Achilles rejoins the battle, vowing to kill everyone related to Hector. The Greek Army, led by Achilles fight their way to Troy, where ultimately Achilles and Hector find themselves alone. Hector, backed into a corner, vows to fight, but loses his nerve as he faces the greatest

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