Across a Hundred Mountains Essay

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Discussion Issues and Questions for, Across a Hundred Mountains, by Reyna Grande Author’s web site: This novel is partially based on the author’s childhood of poverty and personal fears of abandonment when her parents left her and her siblings with grandparents to find work on “the other side.” As Grande has shared in interviews about the book, she wanted to tell the story of those who are left behind. The story illustrates the overlapping influences of women’s status and roles in Mexican culture, and the social institutions of family, religion, economics, education, and politics. In addition, issues of physical and mental/emotional health, social deviance and crime, and social and personal identity are…show more content…
How long have Lupe and Miguel been married, and how many children have they lost? 2. Where are Lupe’s parents? 3. Why is Lupe estranged from her mother-in-law? 4. When Lupe decides to give-in to the harassment of Don Elias, does she have any other options? Was there anyone to help her? 5. Why does Juana stop going to school? 6. How soon did you realize that Adelina and Juana are the same person? 7. What are the meanings of each name woman’s name? 8. Do you have sympathy or empathy for the wife of Don Elias, Dona Matilde? 9. Which other characters in the story are important to Juana’s story? 10. What are the functions of religion in this story? 11. How is religiosity illustrated through the characters of Lupe and Juana? 12. Does Juana have any advantages that her mother did not have? 13. The story in Monsoon Wedding showed us some elements of the legacy of British colonialism and contemporary Western influences in modern India. Across a Hundred Mountains shows elements of the legacy of Spanish colonialism. What are examples of this legacy in Mexican culture? 14. How would you answer someone who suggests that sex workers and prostitutes are just the way of the world, and there is little that anyone can do about this exploitation? 15. List the dualities in the story. Be
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