Acupuncture Lounge Offers Massage Therapy

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Introduction The Acupuncture Lounge also goes by Denver Center for Acupuncture is fairly new organization in the health care industry, serving the people with treatments offered at the clinic to help recover from pains, stresses, and multiple symptoms in an individual body. The lounge offers massage therapy, Active Release Therapy, Cupping Therapy, Acupuncture, and Tui Na to ease pains and multiple symptoms in the body to achieve the best health and lifestyles. The Acupuncture Lounge is a small clinic located the corner of 9th Avenue and Clarkson Street; a red brick house consist over ten businesses. As the clinic continues to improve through providing best care at an affordable prices, the Acupuncture Lounge mission is to thrive to meet …show more content…

Comparing to other possible location accepting interns, as I would have the upper advantage of starting here with opportunity to develop my leadership and management skills through interning at this location. This opportunity will allow me to balance the skills needed as well as thrive in understanding the management principle that will assist me in my future career. Purpose The Acupuncture Lounge is filled with projects that allow the organization to thrive greatly in the future through motivation and determination. The main mission is to spread name out to the community and increase the number of clients by providing the safest and best quality of services that will meet the client satisfaction. As a Health Care Management intern, the duty is carefully create a strategic system to help the organization accomplished the mission spreading their name with best quality of care provide at the lounge. Guerilla Marketing, Video Projects, and networking will be implemented to achieve the mission. Colorado is filled with excellent and promising acupunctures in every cities known for their treatment to heal both physical and mental health with best quality of cares and

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