Adam And Christianity : The Importance Of Religion In The Bible

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The Bible consist of many text and scriptures, that is considered to be a source for many people. This source is used as an ethnic guidance. The way humans live and the formation of society depends on their relationship with God and religion as a whole. There is a trace of religion in many aspects of humans’ lives, whether it is acknowledged or not. With the understanding of the Bible, humans follow the Ten Commandments because it serves as a guidance on how to be a good human. If one breaks one of the ten commandments, then it shows disobedience towards God. Human beings and humanity’s relationship with God depends on the quantity of the Bible they follow. It is certain that humanity follows most of God’s words because many parts of society can be traced back to the bible. The story of Adam and Eve is a foundation explaining how and why society has such great gender divide. The issue with male dominance can be explained through the story of Adam and Eve.
America is based on religion and most prominently, God himself. For instance, in the Pledge of Allegiance, it mentions God. This is one of the many American texts that mentions God and it shows that God plays an important aspect in every day lives of Americans. His views and words shapes society. His words can become a severe issue, especially with the millennial generation. Having the word “God” written in many American texts proves how God’s work is prominent and his work shapes society. Humans heavily rely on God’s

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