Adam Budy Chapter 8 Analysis

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Kerbouchard’s horse was housed by one of his guards who told him where the horse was kept in case he lived through his escape. He rode to the mountains for refuge, knowing it was the home of many thieves. Meeting a herd of goats, he followed Sharasa to her father’s home even though she told him her father would kill him. His courage and words gained reluctant respect from Akim, his host.His stories gained him a respectful acquaintance in Akim. Chapter 18 Kerbouchard stayed two stayed and became friends with Akim. Kerbouchard told Alan, Akim’s son, to go to Cordoba, seek John of Seville and tell him Kerbouchard sent him. Akim responded to the mention of the name, remembering Kerbouchard’s father and how admired he was. Alan warned Kerbouchard…show more content…
He works at the library and John of Seville encounters him there. He began to socialize. He meets Haroun in the marketplace, and the two remained friends. Safia tells him she has news that his father may still be living. Chapter 21 Kerbouchard tends four horses at Safia’s request. He passes and is recognized by Valaba. He meets and impresses Yakub, the eldest and favorite son of the powerful ruler, Abu-Yusuf Yakub. Safia begins to grow more fearful. Chapter 22 The birth and growth of Islam began in the twelfth century and continues. Haroun and Kerbouchard met often to discuss ideas of science, art, and culture. Kerbouchard is invited toValaba’s for an intellectual gathering. He receives a beautiful suit from Yakub for the occasion. Valaba reassures by saying he is among equals in the intellectuals. Prince Ahmed shows up and Valaba introduces Kerbouchard to him stating that Kerbouchard is a good friend. Yakub agrees with this. Ahmed and Kerbouchard fight verbally. Yakub asks Kerbouchard to become commander of his guards. Kerbouchard says he must look for his father and mentions Haroun for the position. Kerbouchard walks with Valaba, hears the chink of a sword and is confronted by a
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