Addiction And Disease

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Society has very different ways of viewing personalities and changes in people, and has believed that the label given as a norm is a valid way of describing someone or something even without solid proof. This, however, I strongly believe is not the case for addiction because if addiction were labeled as a disease then we must be overlooking the gap in the argument of disease or the term “disease” must be redefined. Addiction should not be considered an illness, as it is only a group of behaviors.
When something such as cancer was introduced, people did not call it the “disease of cancer” no, they called it cancer as its been proven that the symptoms that come along with it cant be stopped by choice and has been understood and accepted as a problem without the need of a qualifier. I strongly agree with the views Stanley …show more content…

However I am not arguing that having an addiction is not harmful or is easy to handle, it is something that happens easily to certain personality types and can be overcame by will. Having a “sickness” is characterized as a problem in society, a specific disorder or mental condition. Addiction can also at times be considered a disorder yet is regularly not that case. In some cases addiction is the aftereffect of a substance being accessible, if a man was never acquainted with a substance, how would he be able to wind up dependent on it?
Addiction is a readily understandable symptom that can be overseen, however, is considered a disease to many people when it starts to become harmful to ourselves but that is only because we hadn’t chosen something healthy to be addicted

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