Addiction Counseling For Children Of Addicts Essay

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Addiction is a condition that majority of people face and struggle with and it takes a toll on their lives and mostly the lives of their loved ones, specifically children. Children are quite vulnerable when their caregivers or guardians are struggling with addiction making them suffer from emotional, physical and mental abuse from the addicts (Morrison, & Miller, 2008). Addiction counseling for children of addicts, addresses symptoms expressed by children such as depression, physical abuse, stress and loneliness and evaluates the functionality of the child affected by close relation addiction, and monitors the recovery and healing program of the child (Cox, 2008). Addiction counseling model is not a one-time affair but involves an approach that is time-limited focusing on recovery, behavioral and change and growth. The paper addresses the criteria used in selecting members mainly children of addicts for the counseling group and also identifies the necessary screening questions for identifying the right candidate.

Criteria for selecting new group members
Selection and screening procedures rely largely on and are subjective to the group leader’s judgment and intuition (Corey and Corey, 1992). This is why it is important for counseling group leaders to limit their opinions and judgments whenever possible on specific information. Since group therapy is not for everyone, it is ethically important that the group leader screens each new member to assess the

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