Addiction : Drugs And Alcohol

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Addiction in Many Forms Addiction is awfully commonly associated with drugs and alcohol. Addiction is not only related to drugs or alcohol, but it is also tied with things and activities. Addiction to drugs or alcohol are quite similar yet slightly different to addictions to activities and other things. Addiction to drugs and alcohol over time leads to a buildup of tolerance, causing the user to need more of what they are addicted to in order to experience the same or more of an effect than they once needed to attain the same effect. They take drugs to avoid or relieve withdrawal symptoms. Addicts start putting people close to you at risk and jeopardizing your social life just for a little more of what you are addicted to. Addiction to an …show more content…

Sheff said, “Nic has been gone for six days, and my desperation has built to a frenzy. I have never experienced grief congeneric to this. I spend frantic hours on the internet reading harrowing stories of children on drugs.” (Sheff 117). Sheff shows he spent an excessive amount of time worrying for his son, thinking about him and researching what he is likely experiencing. this could relate to the withdrawal from a drug from an addict. The drug is Nic, and without Nic, David panics. Sheff spends every waking minute thinking about Nic similarly to how Nic spends his time thinking about his next high. Sheff loses much of his life to his son 's addiction. David is in constant fear that his son may start using again, or even die. When Sheff thinks he is over the fact that his son is addicted to meth, he quickly realizes he will never truly be over it. Sheff writes about a moment where he thinks he is content with the fact that he could be cut off from his son, Nic, “Nic used to send me into a panic, but now - today, at least, today at this moment, at least - I am alright with the concept. But then I think, Nic could die… I would miss all of it. I miss it now.” (Sheff 268 - 269). Sheff emphasizes that no matter how much he tries, he will always depend on Nic’s safety and well being for his own happiness. Even as David 's uttermost peaceful moment through his son 's addiction to meth, he still misses and cares for him, breaking down and

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