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Effective Components in Determining Substance Use Behavior
Crystal Ramsey
Liberty University

Effective Components in Determining Substance Use Behavior
Addiction is regarded as having a multitude of causations and contributing factors. No single specific component or model can accurately predict a person’s substance use behavior (Clinton & Scalise, 2013). Substance use disorders are a reflection of the impact of person-specific biological, psychological, and social influences. Understanding an individual’s spiritual beliefs and the role spirituality plays in a person’s susceptibility to addiction is also necessary. If a spirituality component is absent in a person's life, addiction could fill that void (Doweiko, 2015). Substance …show more content…

The social model of addiction tries to recognize and repair systematic problems within society that could impact a person’s choice about substance use (Doweiko, 2015). Cultural, environmental, and family components of a person’s life are all a part of the social model. These influences can either enable the development of addiction or increase resistance against addiction. For instance, in distinct cultures and environments, the manufacture, sale, and distribution of illicit drugs are considered as acceptable behaviors for a person to prosper and gain respect (Doweiko, 2015). Social aspects such as poverty, community immersion, unemployment, and family structure either influence or guard the person from substance abuse. Identification of adverse social influences so that these concerns can be attended to will decrease the probability of the individual relapsing or the continued abuse of substances (Doweiko, 2015).
Disease of the Human Spirit
Disease of the human spirit does fit within the bio/psycho/social models. The spiritual model of addiction indicates that substance use and abuse is the result of a spiritual weakness within the person. Every addiction is a disease of the spirit (Doweiko, 2015). People that have a deeper involvement with the church have a decreased risk of developing an addiction. Spiritual development includes the acknowledgment of the pain and suffering

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