Addie's Parodies: A Narrative Fiction

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Addie was 9 years old she was very pretty with blue eyes and dark brown hair. She had one brother named jack and he shared her physical features. Addie had two very loving and fun parents and although she was not rich her family was always happy. Addie's life, for the most part, was perfect, she had many friends and toys, but the thing that made addie different from the other kids at school is that she had cancer at six years old. But It had gone away because of early treatment. But two months ago cancer came back deadlier than ever.Addie was given a little over a year to live And the family didn't know what to do. Willing to put up a great fight. This came as a big shock to the family. But they were determined to beat cancer. But it involved …show more content…

but at the same time, her family needed the money desperately. addies thoughts had distracted her cause she was taken by surprise when Julie yelled: "please don't harm me!... I .." "Julie were sorry but we..." "We won't!" addie said interrupting jacks sentence. fairies in addies town were used as what was called magic craft. fairies were very rare and if they were caught and turned in the prize was very high. "we promise we'll take care of you," addie said trying to smile. "mom and dad... no WE all need this money" jack yelled especially you and you know that" addie was quiet and after what seemed like ages she said "we need to bring her upstairs" "what" jack questioned "addie did you not hear me" "we need to bring her upstairs! please, jack do this for me..?" "ok well bring Julie upstairs" as addie and jack sneaked into the house they thought of a plan. They shared a room with their parents so the chances of them finding Julie were very high. once inside addie and jack found a place for the fairy to stay right next to the mattress. "Julie you be quiet now. we don't want you to be caught ok?" addie whispered "I promise I'll do my best," Julie

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