Adolescence Stereotypes

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What if I told you that wearing heels, makeup, and curling your hair meant that you were uneducated? Or due to not wearing makeup, dressing up signified your educational status was insufficient. I could also say that based off what I see when I look at someone, I can tell what type of person they are. This is our problem today, this is what judgment is and our world is based off of stereotypes we give. It is a harsh and cruel world we live in but it is the truth.
I see stereotyping occurring everyday around me. At times it is easy to point out, and other times it happens without recognition. Early adolescence is vulnerable as early as 6th grade entering into middle school. A large part in groups can easily cause issues for bullying others; if you classify a certain click, any can cause harm. Statistics show that 1 in 7 students grades K-12 have fallen victim to bullying (1). Whether you’re in clique of jocks, goths, nerds, or gangsters, each classification has had their guilty part in bullying. Being different can be hard in younger age where we are vulnerable and become overly concerned with others evaluations. Being popular does not make you exempt from bullying; it can be the root of the issue. Ensuring to put others down to lessen pain from personal attacks at home can compel a child to take
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For example, the late 1960’s bright swirling colors, long hair, bell bottoms and beards were commonplace and were thought to be druggie losers. The stereotypes came because the style was different from the norm. Just because they didn’t fit in with the definition of what was thought to be someone on their way to success. To even pin certain brand names of clothing to gang affiliation is absurd. To give this impression on someone just because of how they looked is straight to the point as my point on our harsh world
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