Adolf Hitler And The Worst Dictator

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People would never imagine that a normal boy who was born and grew up in a normal family just like other kids but after being rejected into an art school, he would become the worst dictator in the twentieth century history. Yes, that person is Adolf Hitler who must made people angry the most about horrible things he did during his life. He made history by becoming one of the cruelest and most unjust rules of all time.
Adolf Hitler did not have a really good early life at all. On April 20, 1889, Hitler was born in Branau am Inn, Austria. He grew up in a family with a stress of becoming an officer when he got out of college, and Hitler never wanted to. This was all his father’s idea. Hitler’s father was a custom officer who was always cold and strict him. For those reasons, Hitler hated him and his formal education. At primary school, Hitler was really popular because of his intelligence and his leadership qualities. However, secondary school was not easy and Hitler stopped trying his best. He quit with a hope that his father would see very little improvement on him, and then he would give up forcing Hitler become an officer and let him do what he wanted to be. As Witherbee writes, “He had abandoned his studies at the age of 16.” Unlike his father, Hitler’s mother, Klara Hitler, was a sweet mom who loved and pampered her son. Therefore, he adored her. His father passed away when he turned thirteen. When Hitler was a kid, he always wanted to become an artist. In 1907, Hitler

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