Adolf Hitler Propaganda

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From the years 1933-1945, Germany had fallen under the power of an infamous leader that managed to catch the attention and support of nearly every German in Europe. This man attempted to exterminate a whole human race and, although he nearly accomplished it, the Soviet Union managed to put this to a stop. Despite the fact that his leadership was over, the damage was already done and countless people were killed off on his own satisfaction. Who was this man? How did he get away with these things? Why was he allowed to commit such crimes, let alone run a whole country simultaneously? He was a man known as Adolf Hitler. While many believe that Hitler’s leadership may have been unconventional, his methods of taking over the Weimar Republic of Germany and gaining enough support from Germans to execute one of the largest genocides ever recorded made his leadership one of the most significant in history. Throughout this piece, the reader will discover exactly how the immediate support from German citizens led to Hitler’s rise in power and reign of terror which eventually led to the anti-semitic genocide that is still prominent to this day.
Support From German Population Over the years Adolf Hitler gained an immense amount of encouragement from German citizens. Due to the constant rise in followers, Hitler was able to do basically whatever he felt he wanted to be done. He first started off as merely an unrecognized public speaker for the German Worker’s Party, which later became

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