Essay on Adolf Hitler: a Transformational Leader

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Adolf Hitler: A Transformational Leader

Adolf Hitler: A Transformational Leader
If there is such a thing as effective leadership, it involves enthusiasm, inspiration and devotion. Throughout his reign of dominance, the historical and contentious Adolf Hitler had possessed all of the listed traits; qualities in which a transformational leader seizes. Witherbee (2009) revealed that Adolf Hitler was an Australian-born German politician that was highly known as the leader of the Nazi Party. As a fascist and socialist, he took part in the Holocaust and World War II promoting the ideology of a central leadership. Moreover, Hitler’s ultimate goal was to pursue and total Nazi-German hegemony. Regardless of the blatant amount of wrong doings …show more content…

It was clear that he was passionate towards his beliefs and sayings which encouraged people to follow him due to the fact that he seems convincing. Hitler also related his speech to his followers and made it seem as if his reign of authority is to better his people rather than his selfish desires. The dialect and tone used sends out an inspirational theme full of charisma, where he promised his people change to fulfill a better nation. It is essential for an effective leader to start off with effective and prominent words in order to lure in and attract followers. Thus, a transformational leader must achieve process by injecting enthusiasm within their words – all of which Hitler has successfully achieved.
Speech is undeniably powerful, but in order to transform devoted followers, a leader must be able to execute strategic planning. The component regarding charismatic speech is simply to expand followers; however, the ability to initiate process through tactics is crucial. In this case, Hitler used a substantial variety of propaganda to campaign his military and enforce power onto his nation. Nazi propaganda became a crucial element for obtaining and maintaining the German power. There was a vision enforced and to carry out that vision, he must keep his followers interested and increasing in numbers. Evidently, from a study regarding Hitler on

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