Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin

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Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin are two of the most sadistic dictators of the past century. They both reigned terror in Europe during World War II. Fueled by rage and anger, Hitler and Stalin rose to power and exploited their beliefs throughout Germany and Russia. Stalin turned Russia into a Communist country while Hitler was turning Germany against Jews. The leadership of these dictators brought death and fear to many who opposed them. Hitler and Stalin both shared deprived childhoods, vicious fathers, affectionate mothers, problems with women and paranoia. Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin were defined by their unpleasant childhoods, prejudiced beliefs, and obsession with power. On December 21st, 1879, Joseph Stalin was born in Gori, …show more content…
Like Hitler, Joseph had an artistic side. As a teenager, he started writing poetry. At first the poems were romantic, but increasingly they became violent. When he was twenty one, Stalin turned from a life of religion to a life of aggression and terrorism. He began to live a life of revolutionary for the next fifteen years. In 1910, Joseph changed his name from Iosif Vissarionovich Dzhugashvili to Joseph Stalin, which was Russian for “Man of Steel.” Stalin was arrested eight times and each time deported to rural areas in Siberia. He was considered an effective and cold blooded revolutionary that was ambitious and strong-minded who rose to the top of the communist party. Stalin knew exactly what he wanted in life. Unlike Stalin, Hitler was still searching for his identity. In 1907, Hitler moved to Vienna to pursue a career in art. He wanted to go to the Vienna Academy of Fine Arts. Two years in a row, Hitler applied to and was rejected by the Academy of Fine Arts. The Academy told him he had no talent in art because he couldn’t draw human faces. He said he was rejected because many of the admissions committee were Jewish. This was his first exposure to Jews. After his mother’s death and his rejection from the academy, Hitler became depressed and lacked direction. In 1914, Hitler enlisted in the army and found his identity in battle during World War I. The killing he was expected to do opened a doorway for his rage
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