Adolf Hitler's Impact On American Literature During Ww2

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World War II officially began on September 1, 1939 when Adolf Hitler invaded Poland. However, the War of Ideas that Hitler and the Nazis launched had begun much earlier, when he began to censor and destroy literature that did not hold true to the Aryan ideals. In an attempt to unify the nation of Germany under one sole ideology, he burned millions of books. While just a short time later, America became unified by a contradictory approach. Instead of everyone being forced to agree to one conviction, they perpetuated the spread of ideas. Americans were encouraged to read diverse literature and to talk about their beliefs. Adolf Hitler’s ban on books created anarchy, death, and treachery and not unity. The German Nazi’s war on ideas provided the impetus for American literary campaigns, which not only boosted the morale of soldiers, but also united the country in a common goal and led to the victory of World War II.…show more content…
On May 10, 1933, more than 25,000 books were burned across the entire nation of Germany (“Book Burning”). In Berlin, 40,000 Germans gathered to watch the burning and to hear Joseph Goebbels, the Reich Minister of Propaganda, speak. In his speech, Goebbels fiercely shouted, “no to moral corruption” and “yes to decency and morality” (“Book Burning”)! He claimed this was the purpose of the book burnings. The German book burnings targeted not just Jewish authors, but also authors who stood for contemporary ideas and social justice. Book burnings were artistic productions that also featured speeches, songs, and chants all in the Nazi effort to purify
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