Adoption Is An Option That Is Not Discussed

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Per Steven Ertelt, “adoption is an option that is not discussed nearly enough in the public debate about choice.” With adoption, everybody wins. The unaborted, adopted child gets the chance to live, and a chance to live in a place with loving, caring people. The adoptive parents in return benefit from having a child of their own. Studies even show that children who were born out-of-wedlock but are raised by adoptive parents flourish in many categories. The adoptive children tend to attain higher levels of education, higher self-esteem, and even enjoy better health. Adoption is also beneficial for the birth mother because she benefits from knowing she made the right decision to give life. Despite adoptions advantages, it has fallen on hard times. Research shows there has been a decrease in adoptions since the legalization of abortions in 1973. Before abortions were legalized, 8.7 percent of children born out-of-wedlock were placed up for adoption, and now statistics show that number to be around one-percent. One matter of concern for the pro-life movement is that women facing crisis pregnancies often have false ideas about adoption. Pregnant women think of adoption as the abandonment of their child, and see abortion as a much easier alternative (Ertelt n.p.).
According to Kevin Mcgovern, “for most of the twentieth century, adoption provided a pretty good outcome when a girl or woman became pregnant and was unable to raise her child.” In an era where

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