Adrenoleukodystrophy Essay

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Adrenoleukodystrophy is a genetic disease that is passed on from mother to son. ALD is an X-linked disorder. That means it affects only males and is transmitted by a female carrier. This disorder is called X-linked since the genetic abnormality involves the X-chromosome. Women have two X-chromosomes while men only have one. In women, the affected X-chromosome, the one with the gene for ALD does not become active because of the presence of a normal copy of the gene on the other X-chromosome. Men have one X-chromosome and one Y-chromosome. In men who have an X- chromosome for X-ALD, there is no other X- chromosome for protection.
ALD affects the nervous system in the brain. The disease strips away the coating or the …show more content…

The Adone’s were not happy with the progress of the doctors because they wanted to keep ALD kids on the diet for a long time to see the results while the Adone’s want a quick cure. The only help they were offered was other doctors and support groups that did nothing to find a cure. They were very angered with the doctors and support gropes that did nothing but sat on their hands afraid to over step their boundaries.
The Adone’s took it upon them selves to find a cure so Mr.Odone went to the library to learn everything he could about ALD and biochemistry he could so he could understand the disease better. He first came up with a type of olive oil that lowered the acid level about fifty percent. But sadly the level’s stayed at fifty percent. So Mr.Odone started all over again and this time he found a way to bring down the Lorenzo’s fatty acid level even lower, but the only problem was Mr. Odone needed was a mixture of olive oil and boric acid. Boric acid was not safe for human consumption and there was no doctor in the U.S. that would give any to the Odone’s due to its potential danger. So he then turned his search over seas to England where he found a doctor that would make some for them. Once Lorenzo started to take the mixture he started improve and his fatty acid level dropped to zero. Lorenzo is still alive to day and his miracle cure “Lorenzo’s oil” is use


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