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Department of Computing and Library Information Science
College of Engineering and Computing
University of Southern Mindanao
Kabacan, Cotabato


Mrs . Catherine Daffon

October 19, 2017


Free and open-source software also known as FOSS is a software developed by an informal collaborative network of a programmer. The source code is licensed free of charge. It refers to limited restriction on user as well as no cost at all. The rising popularity of FOSS has been gaining on widely market because of its no restriction on user that can anyone see, inspect and modify and enhance.
Source code (according to TechTarget) is the fundamentals component of a computer program that is created by a programmer/developer. It is a section of a software that the computer user don’t see. It is a code that the programmer manipulate to create and …show more content…

Propriety Software or widely known as Commercially Available Software from word itself “Propriety” thus software is owned by a certain individual or company. It has many restriction to before can able to use it features and can 100% access it and its code is kept secret.
The First Advantage of FOS is Cost. One of the biggest problem of user to propriety software is paying worths of dollars for a licensing fee and monthly fees is excluded in licensing fee it is additional payment . Since it is for sale by developers to make a living or to establish or to establish their certain company. They charge to access their product, and some cases the amount of licensing fee is expensive and many users can’t afford it. While on the other handful is cheap and generally available with no cost at all so can so that the user have can able to afford it without losing a

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