Advantages And Disadvantages Of Natural Rubber

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Natural rubber also known as india rubber. It is made by the juice of a tree, which is coagulated using acetic acid, smoked and dried. Natural rubber consist of polymers of the organic compound isoprene with some organic compound and water. Natural rubber are used in many applications and products. This is because natural rubber contain large stretch ratio and high resilience and it is waterproof. Rubber have unique physical properties and chemical properties. Rubber’s stress strain is modelled as hyperelastic. Double bond is presence in the natural rubber. This make the natural rubber is sensitive to ozone cracking and susceptible to vulcanisation. On the other hand, another ingredient that contain in tyre is fillers. Fillers can be used …show more content…

Due to the particle size of carbon black it contain some risk. This can caused lung disease because of the combustion of carbon black at the workplace. It will release some dust may produce discomfort to the upper respiratory tract. On the other hand, carbon black is not easily biodegradable. Carbon black is expensive compared to other material.
There are reasons why natural rubber was chosen to make part of tyres. The first reason is natural rubber has high tensile strength. Because of this high tensile strength natural rubber can hold shape and is more flexible. Second, natural rubber is more environmental friendly compared to synthetic rubber. This is because it is originally derived from latex which produced from tree. Besides, natural rubber is a biodegradable material. It can be degrade rapidly especially under some extreme conditions such as soil. Soil contain some microorganism, bacteria or fungi it help to degrade rubber.
The reason for choosing carbon black as addition material in fillers is it has decreased rolling resistance. Other than that, carbon black is also help to extend the life of the tyres by conducting heat away from the tread and the belt area. These can directly contributed to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. Carbon black also acts as a pigment, while made the rubber become black so the tyres is black in

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