Advantages And Disadvantages Of Nuclear Energy

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Advantages 1. Cost –- At present these are cheaper than non-conventional sources. 2. Security – As storage is easy and convenient, by storing certain quantity, the energy availability can be ensured for certain period. 3. Convenience–- These sources are very convenient to use as technology for their conversion and use is universally available. Disadvantages 1. Fossil fuels generate pollutants: . Main pollutants generated in the use of these sources are CO, CO2, NOX, SOX, particulate matter and heat. These pollutants degrade the environment, pose health hazards and cause various other problems. CO2 is mainly responsible for global warming also. 2. Coal is also a valuable petro-chemical and is used as raw material for various chemical, pharmaceuticals and paints, etc. industries. From long-term point of view it is desirable to conserve coal for future needs. 3. There are safety and technical issues with nuclear energy. Major problems with nuclear energy are: a) The waste material generated in nuclear plants has radioactivity of dangerous level leveland ; it remains above safe limit for a long period of time and thus is a health hazard. Its safe disposal, which is essential to prevent radioactive pollution, is a challenging task. Also the disposed radioactive waste is required to be guarded for a long period (till its radioactivity level comes down to a safe limit) against in order to prevent against going in wrong hands. b) Possibility of accidental leakage of radioactive
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