Advantages And Disadvantages Of Rooftops

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In Cairo, Manshiet Nasser is a prime location for Zabbaleen which are local collectors of garbage. They are supposed to recycle the city’s waste and they recycle as much as 80% of the collected refuse (Simpson, 2016). Most of the rooftops at this area is used as a space for storing, segregating garbage, and processing Garbage where it is considered as a valuable resource of income and business. Residence and work areas are attached to one another.
In downtown Cairo, Zamalek, and some other areas. Many rooftops are used as residence especially in the areas where the buildings’ rooftops do have previously service rooms for drivers and maids’ Focusing more on such areas, it’s also considered as suitable living areas(s) for many families that couldn’t find the suitable homes, especially with the shortage of housing units. Having these rooftops with basic conditions of living standards, prime location among the city, is not a bad idea to be hosting many residents.
5. Literature review
5.1. Green roof definition.
A green roof is defined as a living roof at the top of a building which is either partly or totally covered with vegetation and a growing medium and underneath it is a strong and water resistant membrane. Some additional layers are sometimes included in it as well like root barrier along with a system of irrigation and drainage. Plants are grown on the top of the roofs and this helps in the replacement of vegetated footprints which were lost while constructing the

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