Advantages And Disadvantages Of Settling In Charles Town

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The Difficulties of Settling In Charles Town Many explorers came to South Carolina, but many failed to build a safe settlement for citizens to live on. The English were the big dogs in town, and were the first people to build a successful colony in South Carolina named Charles Town. The Spanish were the first people to explore South Carolina and they wanted to build their own settlement, but failed many times due to lack of knowledge of the land. So, the English took over and then they built the first settlement in South Carolina. Settling is the act of building a new way of life for yourself or others. Why was it so difficult to settle Charles Town? The difficulties of settling in Charles Town were geography, different resources, diseases, and Native Americans. In South Carolina, the terrain had its advantages and disadvantages. One obstacle that a cartographer had was the lack of knowledge of…show more content…
Infact, this state has some of the most finest soil in the world. The settlers found, according to Document A, “extraordinary rich soil.” This soil was healthy and made it easy for the settlers to farm. This could also be difficult because with good crops, come hungry animals and with hungry animals, comes hungry predators, which with all of that combined, creates destruction throughout the land. South Carolina consisted of many predators, such as, “Panthers, Tigers, Wolves, and other Beast of Prey” according to Document C. These animals made it difficult to settle because, these animals stirred up trouble throughout the night. These animals also made it uncomfortable because, as stated in Document C, “we were awaken’d with the dismall’st and most hideous Noise that ever pierc’d my Ears”. This means that it was difficult to sleep throughout the night because of these animal that were disturbing the settlers. That was a major reason of why Charles Town was difficult to

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