Advantages Of Dried Onion

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Benefits of using dried onions

Dried onion and garlic have many benefits and we find that dried onions and dried garlic have a very high demand due to their availability in all seasons of the year and the need for them in cooking, specially meat, because of their ability to give special and strong flavor, in addition to that dried onions and dried garlic give great flavors of salad and food in general

Dried onions and dried garlic are preferred by some people because they do not have the time and effort to prepare, so let us review the advantages and benefits of using dried onions and dried garlic

Use onion powder or powder in cooking to season. It is made of chopped dried onion, specially of sharp varieties, which makes it smell strong. …show more content…

10) Used in inflammation of hemorrhoids, muscle inflammation, icing, fresh nails, and warts, as local stickers.
11) Used to treat eye ointment by mixing the juice with honey and then the diameter of the eye mix.
12) Benefits of onions in the purification of the kidneys of sediment and alert memory and benefit in the relief of joint pain and pain of gout.
Disadvantages of onions:

Although the onion has many benefits, it has some disadvantages such as
1) Significantly lower blood sugar levels.
2) Excessive use may cause gas, bloating, irritability, burning, stomach cramps, vomiting and nausea as the condition worsens, especially in people with chronic heartburn or gastric reflux disease.
3) Skin irritation, itching in the eye or rash.
4) It should be avoided by breastfeeding women and pregnant women. It may cause heartburn during these stages.
5) Intestinal acidity and therefore cause adverse effects on people with heart disease.
6) Bad breath due to its high content of sulfur.
7) Disturbances in blood pressure.
8) Prevents blood clotting and its use with anticoagulants can cause bleeding.
9) Allergies so do not use it with aspirin.
10) Increases the amount of lithium in the

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