Advantages Of Federalism In The Philippines

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Ruling a state, a country is really not an easy task. The head of the government should really have his organize and well-planned plan so the organization of its each concept will operate systematically. Taking care of estimated 104 million Filipinos, their lives are all in the governments hands. It is not only the people of this country who’ll be depending in the government but the whole nation, including its resources, establishments, employment and others. The fact that the actions applied by the government will reflect to its people and the whole country, the steps that people who have their powers will take, will be the representation of what will happen to the whole nation. The actions, steps and decisions of the government should be …show more content…

Diminish greediness and abuse of the powers so there will be order. Federalism on the other hand is, “...a system of government in which a written constitution divides power between a central government and regional or sub-divisional governments, Both types of government act directly upon the people through their officials and laws, (C. N. Trueman Federalism;2017)”. Our current president Mr. Rodrigo Duterte is proposing Federalism in the country, Philippines will be separated by regions and there will be a central government in The National Capital Region. Each region will have their representatives, the taxes are well separated. It is a great idea because given the fact that each region has their person thee will be higher possibility that the government can aid the needs every regions’ needs. Even though the regions are somewhat separated they can be an independent region, having their own laws under the Central Government’s policies. Each region could do their very best to develop their own place all of the regions will do improvements and it will of course affect the Central Government and it will boost the welfare of the people, economic growth and the nation’s

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