Advantages Of Indentured Servitude

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Before the Civil War, the growth tobacco, rice and other goods in the South called for a necessity of labor on plantations. As tobacco became a cash crop there was an increase in the activity of growing tobacco. Currently, there were no machinery to take care of the work on these plantations. Therefore, there was a need for cheap labor to provide for the lands. The Virginia Company developed an economic system of indentured servitude to obtain servants who would most likely do the duties on the servants. This system was successful because after the thirty-year war had just ended and many people had lost their jobs or were unemployed (“Indentured Servants in the U.S.”). Majority of the immigrant population, over two- thirds, had arrived in …show more content…

Many servants who had come to Virginia in the 17th century buy could not afford to come to America first sign indentured contracts, so they became indentured servants. These contracts were non-negotiable once signed by both the servant and master. Due to this, servants had to make sure the contract had a type of freedom due included in it after the years of service was completed. Once established, servants would be able to serve often five to seven years in exchange for goods, land or freedom; “And the said Master during the said Term shall by the best Means or Method that he can, Teach or cause the said Apprentice to be Taught the Art and Mystery of a Merchant [sic] And shall find a provide unto the said Apprentice sufficient meat Drink and Lodging” ("Indenture agreement, 1742" 2012). Reid was to be taught Art and Mystery of a Merchant and given sufficient meat drink and lodging as his freedom dues. Being taught literature was considered a freedom due because for the most part they wanted these servants to stay unknowledgeable. Indeed, Reid was granted these freedom dues from Livingston after his five years. If for whatsoever reason Livingston failed to grant Reid, his dues this would-be evidence and the master could be taken to court. This contract was a reassurance to the indentured servant that his term of service was not just put to waste. Unlike slaves who worked in horrible conditions for nothing at all. In terms of freedom dues as a

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