The Book ' American Slavery 1619-1877 ' By Peter Kolchin

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The book “American Slavery 1619-1877” is a book on slavery unlike anything I have ever read. Most books on slavery look at it through extremely common perspectives and have flooded the nonfiction genre. However, the author, Peter Kolchin, decides to show the reader that his studies on slavery are different from any previous study done. He brings up a lot of arguments that were actually thought to be unarguable, and shuts them down. It is miraculous to think that someone finally got to the very root of American slavery and can finally give Americans of today a real feel for the reasons behind slavery. The whole sense that the Founders thought every human was equal was quite preposterous if thought about. Generally, most Americans are taught that the founders started this country because they wanted a place to be free. However, what these people aren’t being taught is that a lot of the labor that it took to build this country was the work of slaves. And what are slaves? They are workers who are kept at their place against their will. One huge part of the slave business was the use of indentured servants. These people were not total slaves. In fact, they were just working to gain citizenship in the states. In the seventeenth century, they were relied on heavily for labor. In fact, they were relied on more than actual slaves. However, about three fifths of the way through the century, plantation owners quit using them. They figured out that people did not want to do
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