Advantages Of Long-Distance Relationship

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Being in a relationship such as a long distance one can be hard. There’s the distance, of course, but also the lack of communication and touch. These things shouldn’t have to limit the amazing love that comes out of an LDR. I have amazing experience of being with someone in this type of relationship. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a little over a year. Getting to know someone before you enter a relationship like this is so important. There is a foundation you build and you get to know that person for who they are, how they live and generally how they treat you. I knew my boyfriend for around nine months before we started liking one another and became a couple. Before you start thinking anything along the lines of cat fishing, that is why we took the time to get to know one another. We called one another, video chatted on Skype and played games with each other, because that is how we met and how we kept things going. Eventually it turned to us only talking to one another, making jokes and telling stories. Although lots of people believe that long distance relationships cannot last, the relationship that I have with my boyfriend in New York shows that long distance relationships can really last. In long-distance relationships, interaction is something that is very important. It brings a couple together and it is what holds them together when they are apart; the constant excitement of getting to see them again. This is when technology comes in. "Long-distance

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