Advantages Of Prior Authorization In Healthcare Industry

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Understanding all about ‘Prior Authorization’ in Healthcare industry! Have you ever faced the dilemma when you visited a hospital or a pharmacy and have been told that the impending treatment or even the prescription will need a prior authorization? Prior Authorization has been a topic of debate in the health care industry for quite some time and it is important to understand the process in detail to be able to take the informed decision when required. What is Prior Authorization in healthcare sector? Healthcare industry, in general, is quite complex in nature with a large number of standard rules and procedures to be followed. The concept of prior authorization or pre-authorization as it is commonly called is generally used during the payment …show more content…

• Approximately 90 percent of physicians who participated in the survey reported that the prior authorization process often or always delays access to medical care to the patients What are the disadvantages of the Prior Authorization process? • The process is time consuming, inefficient, and lacks the transparency which is crucial for the patients. • Disrupts the work flow of the medical facilities and the process of providing the quality care to the patients in need. • The processing of the prior authorization wastes a great deal of physicians’ or medical practitioners time that would be better spent with the patients and for the treatment. . The Road Ahead Considering the inefficiency of the process of prior authorization and the various hurdles the patients seeking medical care faces, the American Medical Association (AMA) along with a group of experts from other medical & health care organizations came together in an effort to reform the inefficient prior authorization requirements imposed on the patients during the medical tests, devices, drugs, prescription

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