Advantages Of The Han Dynasty

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Bebe Yang
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The Han dynasty was a time for peace and prosperity. It is often dubbed the Golden Age of China and it is where China was able to grow into a major power. However it wasn’t always like that, the dynasty itself began with a revolt against the Qin empire in 206 BC. However, due to a change in ideals and government, the Han dynasty was able to survive until 220 AD. A major reason why the Han Dynasty was able to survive over 400 years is due to the change in ideals from Legalism to Confucianism. Emperor Wudi played huge part in why this dynasty was able to last so long as he chose this change when he came into power. In order to understand why this change was so effective in revolutionizing the country, we have to look at what other options were available at this time and then we can see why Confucianism was the better choice than Daoism and Legalism.
First of all, the first dynasty was form using the ideas of Legalism. Legalism is the concept of the law. This form of ideology was made popular by Qin during the Warring States era and philosophers like Shang Yang and Li Si would use this ideology to form China’s first dynasty, the Qin. The law held absolute power and if the law is not followed then punishment is enforced. Legalism focused on the present and dismissed the past. In order for change to happen, it needed to happen right there and then. This ideology believed that the government can only be recognized by

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