Advantages and Disadvantages of Currently Available Technologies and Their Impact on System Performance and Effectiveness

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One can also easily see that no other component follows this growth rate.
Memory, RAM and storage are getting cheaper. However, what is not happening is that the performance of the access time and decrease resp. increasing at an exponential pace. Considering the technology of magnetic disk specifically we see that disk density has been improving by about 50% per year, almost quadrupling in three years. Access time has only improved by one-third in 10 years.
Super fast processors and huge memories have to be ‘fed’ and a system is only as fast as it’s slowest component, currently the disk.
In our analysis we shall consider the advantages and disadvantages of currently available technologies and their impact on system performance and effectiveness. To narrow down this still very broad subject even more, we shall focus our attention on standard Personal Computers. The reason being that 90% of computers used world wide are of this type. Along the way we shall try to demystify the difference between the currently used interfaces, EIDE (Enhanced Integrated Drive Electronics) and SCSI (Small Computer System Interface) as well as their cost-performance correlation.
We shall try to analyze the performance of different drives by means of several benchmarks. The reason for using multiple benchmark programs being that performance bottlenecks may be easier to detect by comparing the results from different benchmarks. Each benchmark tells part of the story, and together a…