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  • A Short Note On Scsi Test Vehicle ( Stv )

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    Introduction SCSI Test Vehicle (STV) is a project to develop an FCP Storage emulator using FICON Express 16G channel adapter present on System z machine. STV is a specialized Firmware (FW) load into a channel adapter that provides the function of a FCP Target (Fibre channel SCSI Storage Control Unit). STV emulates IBM shark disk storage. This document is intended at describing the design and implementation of STV Emulation support on Power Servers/Blades. The scope of this document is mainly limited

  • Advantages and Disadvantages of Currently Available Technologies and Their Impact on System Performance and Effectiveness

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    Introduction One can also easily see that no other component follows this growth rate. Memory, RAM and storage are getting cheaper. However, what is not happening is that the performance of the access time and decrease resp. increasing at an exponential pace. Considering the technology of magnetic disk specifically we see that disk density has been improving by about 50% per year, almost quadrupling in three years. Access time has only improved by one-third in 10 years. Super fast processors and

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hard Disk Interface

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    one of these old double link drives in a computer voluntarily builds up that computer is excessively old, making it impossible to be upgrade financially. The new age computers utilize at least one of the accompanying hard disk interfaces: i. SATA ii. SCSI iii. IDE 1.2.2(i) Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) Serial ATA (SATA) is

  • Enterprise Storage Systems : A Efficient Repository For Business Information

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    Enterprise class storage Earlier many organizations placed storage and backups at the bottom of the IT Priority list. Only organizations in the World Trade Center that had robust data backup systems in place managed to survive. Today, storage, backup, and disaster recovery is a high priority for every organization. The two levels of storage system is live storage and backup where backup is increasingly becoming more and more critical. Enterprise storage is the computer data storage designed for

  • Study guide NT1210

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    1. Pg 312 DAS – Data Sharing. Capability of a storage device to share data and files concurrently. A DAS server does not permit a second server to directly or simultaneously access its storage drives. Capacity Sharing is multiple servers pooling their storage . 2. Pg 315 NAS Installation. Network Attached Storage. It can work in conjunction with a SAN or by itself. It is a high performance storage device that provides shared data and file serving to clients and servers in a LAN. 3. Pg 132

  • San Implementation Essay

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    SAN implementation over Gigabit Ethernet A Storage Area Network is virtualized storage. A storage area network (SAN) is a dedicated, centrally managed, secure information infrastructure, which enables any-to-any interconnection of servers and storage systems. A SAN can be configured to provide a nearly infinite pool of storage that you can grow and move between servers as they need it. The storage can be added to and removed without requiring the server to be rebooted. The services provided by

  • Desktop Support Interview-Questions

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    Lets Support.... Q. What is an operating system? A. Operating system works as an interpreter between computer Hardware and application. Operation system works as a user interface. Q. Types of Operating systems? A. There are two types of operating systems 1. SOS: Simple Operating System as for example- Windows 95,98, ME 2. NOS: Network Operating System as for example- Windows NT, 2000, 2003. Q. What is server? A. Server are computer that provides the services. As for Example:1

  • Hard Disk

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    Hard Disk The Physical Characteristics of All Disks The hard disk has one or more metal platters coated top and bottom with a magnetic material similar to the coating on a VCR magnetic tape. In the VCR the tape moves by a fixed recording and sensing device (the "head").  In a disk, the recording head is on a movable metal support called the "arm". Information is recorded onto bands of the disk surface that form concentric circles. The circle closest to the outside is much bigger than the circle

  • Administering Desktop Clients: IT Consultation for Mr. Green

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    September). Windows 7 enterprise features and benefits. Retrieved from Rouse, M. (2006, September). Serial-attached scsi (sas). Retrieved from Windows 7 enterprise. (2013). Retrieved from

  • Case Study : Apple Inc. Essay

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    Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that was found in America and the headquarters are located in Cupertino, California. It makes designs, cultivates, and retails consumer computer electronics, software for computers, and provides online services. Its hardware goods include the iPhone (smartphone), the iPad (tablet computer), the Mac (personal computer), the iPod (portable media player or MP3 player), the Apple Watch (smartwatch), and the Apple TV (digital media player). Apple 's software