Advantages of Globalization

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Globalization has had and continues to have a strong impact on the social order as people need to adapt to constant change. Borders are no longer what they used to be and the contemporary society is filled with people from diverse backgrounds interacting with each-other and sharing their cultural values. Even with the fact that it has had some side effects as some groups were unable to join the rest of the world in experiencing progress as a whole, globalization has generally had a positive effect and humanity has benefited greatly as a result of this process.
Most individuals who believe globalization to have had a negative effect on society are motivated by the multinational corporations take advantage of the process and exploit poor countries as a consequence. While this might have been true in the early years of globalization, it has gradually become obvious that many underdeveloped countries have experienced progress as they opened their borders to globalization and as they started to interact with individuals and companies from across the world. "China--the Elephant and the Dragon--have lifted 200 million people out of abject poverty in the 1990s as globalization took off, the International Monetary Fund says" (Meredith & Hoppough).
The middle class has reappeared in many areas where the gap between upper class individuals and lower class persons was significantly large. Globalization virtually enabled individuals to see the world from a different perspective and to
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