Advantages of Simulation Based Eductation for Nursing

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Simulated practice has been described as the “activities that mimic the reality of a clinical environment and are designed to demonstrate procedure, decision making and critical thinking through techniques such as role playing and the use of devices such as interactive vidoes of manikins” (Connor, 2014). This study is aimed to explore what is successful and what is not in nursing simulations. In this study it is mentioned human patient simulation is potential for student education in nursing. In addition, they indicated the importance of human simulation and describe it as a very valuable tool. In another finding, the authors indicate mannequins with the capability of interacting with the student are able to provide with real life…show more content…
Similarly, in another study mainly aimed at exploring how nurses use simulations to develop ethical decision making capacities and how they could actually use that as a tool to develop an authentic leadership. In exploring the background of this study it tends to examine the how simulations may improve workplace and enhance standards of of ethics by reducing common errors in the work environment. In doing so the researchers look at many different angles many studies and agreed on that simulations have profound impact in clinical practices. All in all this study concluded that is essential to introduce team nursing in any given simulation experience which will definitely help in resolving any power conflicts within future graduates thus will create a more authentic and unique leadership within the nursing field (Shapira, 2012). Describe your experience in simulation: During my first simulation experience I didn’t fully understand the simulation scenario presented to me by my professor. I was confused thinking why do I have to pretend like I’m taking care of real patient, even though I was dealing with a manikin. I was thinking can’t just fake it and pretend like I did all the procedures by saying them out loud. However, soon after I started doing procedures and checking at my SIM chart to verify

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