Advertising Is An Visible Constant Presence Essay

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Even when we’re blissfully unaware, we are being persuaded. In today’s media driven world, advertising is an almost constant presence. It is on television, in the films we watch, all over our social media accounts, and even plastered on the walls of locations that we visit every day. Advertising is meant to market a product or service to a consumer, utilizing mostly tactics of persuasion to do so. Because advertising is so continually present, companies must be more innovative than ever with their persuasive methods. Depending on the product or service, these methods vary but some of the popular ones include appealing to the internal attitudes of the consumer by using strategic and repetitive methods for the delivery of the message to appeal to the target audience. Virtually all industries do this, though a unique example of persuasion in advertising is found in the medical and health industries; the United States is one of the few countries that allows direct-to-consumer advertising for pharmaceuticals. The healthcare industry has always had the ability to advertise but with the new medical advertising, its budget for marketing has exploded as well.
The Food and Drug Administration, also commonly referred to as the FDA, previously banned direct-to-consumer advertising for drug companies, but the restriction was lifted in 1997 and a new age of medical advertising was born. Previously, various medications and health services were found directly through a visit to a doctor’s

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