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Aenied Many argue that throughout Aenied, Virgil develops Aeneas to be a boring and unheroic character; always acting as he should with apparently no power to act in any other way. Occasionally sidetracked, Aeneas is prodded and redirected by the gods toward his destiny. Aeneas’ mother, Venus, constantly interjects to lead Aeneas toward his fate. It is she who leads him away from the fallen city of Troy “ I had twice-ten ships, and my goddess-mother showed me the way.”(I, 541-542) Mercury also sets Aeneas straight from his deviating course by telling him to leave his love Dido “What are you pondering or hoping for while squandering your ease in Libyan lands.” (IV, 362-363) Mercury criticizes Aeneas for ignoring the importance of…show more content…
In the confusion of war, Aeneas naturally rises to a role of leadership. Aeneas had a dream in which Hector spoke to him, telling him that the city has been infiltrated. Climbing to his roof, Aeneas saw Troy in flames, and fighting everywhere. Aeneas immediately prepares himself for battle. “Insane, I seize my weapons. There’s no sense in weapons, yet my spirit burns to gather a band for battle, to rush out against the citadel with my companions.” (II, 428 – 431). Aeneas’ words show a natural passion for leadership in order to defend the city and his companions. But Aeneas’ leadership is not limited to times of warfare. Once Aeneas had escaped to safety it becomes clear that the people of Troy also recognized his leadership qualities. They look to Aeneas for strength and for guidance, putting their lives in his hands willing to be lead with blind devotion. “Here I find, to my surprise, new comrades come together, vast numbers, men and women, joined for exile, with courage and with riches they are ready for any lands across the seas where I may lead them.”(II, 1072-1078) With such open devotion from the people of Troy, Virgil is illustrating the importance of Aeneas. Virgil also develops the reader’s interest in his character of Aeneas, by showing the mortal side of the valiant leader. In order to instill confidence in his followers Aeneas must maintain coolness, showing no fear. What
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